Clint Johnson

Reporter and Journalist

Info :

Clint Johnson has been a reporter and journalist for the Stallion TV since 2016; it was working with the Stallion TV that sparked his interest in journalism and led him from switching his Music major to Writing and Communications. He is currently a junior at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC). Although working with Stallion TV has helped him prepare for his future career as a journalist, he has not strayed away from his musical origins.


 He is from a small town called Willacoochee, Georgia, and it was there his passion for music was sparked as a child. Growing up, he often listened to rap music and then began making his music. He gained most of his singing ability from performing in his local church. As he grew older, he began focusing on his writing skills and then understood the craft and art that goes into music production. Learning more about music led to his appreciation for all genres and the artists behind them.


He dedicates most of his time in school focusing on schoolwork and working with the Stallion TV; outside of ABAC, he is an artist who often writes, studies, records, engineers, and performs his music. He goes by the artist name, Rvshvd (pronounced Rashad), and is currently working on blending musical genres to create a brand-new sound. As a journalist, he has combined two of his passions into one by focusing on music and the artists to report on.

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