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Jake Lilly - Untitled (Album Review)

Jake Lill is and rapper and songwriter from Fredonia, New York. He recently released his debut album, Untitled, to all streaming platforms. When I first listened to the 12-track album, I was astonished by how polished and professional it sounded. And I'm not just saying that because I'm featured on two of the songs. It sounded industry-level. The album is hip-hop but dabs into some R&B here, some pop there and even some rock/metal sounds.

Intro I love the simplicity of the beat and the aggression in his voice. You can feel the emotion and the special effects are just enough to make it stand out.

RIP Another dope track. The beat gives off vibes of the late Xxxtentacion and I love the sample at the end. The flow fits the beat perfectly.

Cut Ties (Feat. RVSHVD) This song is very dope and not because it features me. I can hear this song on the radio or in a movie. The way the styles clash together is very Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown-esque.

Dictionary This may be the best song on the album. The flow is crazy, the hook is FIRE and this track SLAPS.

Evol (with Nickotine) The perfect track to switch moods. The beat and topic switched but the bars and aggression are still there. The mood isn't interrupted and I love that. I love the story and Nicktotine brought a quality verse to the table to make a timeless collaboration. I can definitely see a video to this one.

Gotti's Advice (Interlude) (Feat. Jeremy Soto) The song comes back with the bars after a slower track. this was a dope way to follow a mellow beat. I love the phone call because it gives the listener a break from his voice, not that it's a bad thing.

RIOT! (Feat. Alex Pryll & RVSHVD) This was the perfect track to start the second half of the album. I can hear the underground/Tech N9ne-influence on this one. Everybody had their own flow and every artist stood out. The rock hook is really what makes the song different. It was the perfect blend of hip-hop and rock to give off the right amount of aggression.

Cocaine With Toast (Feat. Toast)

Toast starts with a dope verse with a really chill flow. His hook is catchy and Jake's adlib serves as like an intro. I really love how the beat and Jake's flow mesh together and the right kinds of effects are used.

Mambo The album definitely rises as the songs go on. Jake's choices on modern/trap beats are very different from the choices of his peers. You can tell he has an ear for beats because it sounds like he has his own producer. The voicemail is crazy and the verse after it is on point.

GHOMD (Feat. Devan Childs)

Jake comes in with a hard verse and a catchy hook. I love how the beginning is really smooth, ambient and dark but at the end of the hook comes in and knocks! This might be one of the hardest verses I've heard from Devan.

Save Me (Feat. Breana Marin) Jake comes in with an emotional verse. You can tell that it's personal and it's the emotion I was longing for from this album. The other songs are good but you always need that emotional factor to really put it over the top and connect with fans. Breana's hook sits so well with the beat and the lyrics truly sound like a cry for help.

I Don't Really Want To Go (Outro) It comes in super smooth and slightly reminds me of Disney. But the switch-up is GODLY. I like the cockiness in the flow. It's refreshing to not hear Jake snapping super hard on a song. It gives the listener a break from the fast flow but the punchlines are still there and the way he lets the beat breathe is great. The ending of the beat touched me and that might be my favorite part of the song.

Overall, this is an incredible album and that's not me being biased. I love the whole album but my least favorite is probably RIP. I love how well the album is put together, how the beats don't go all over the place and how the mood never gets interrupted. The hooks are fire, which isn't always the case with rappers unless they are singing it. The bears are dope, the flows were fast and the punchlines made me think. This album is more than nice. The only thing I was missing was maybe another emotional or a venting-type track. That would've put it over the top for me but that still doesn't take away from the album. I give it 8/10.

Check out Jake Lilly's album, Untitled, HERE!

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